Finer Methods for the Perfect Crypto Trading Now

We can say with certainty that there are many treasures and bandits still lurking in this Wild West for the time being. In the trade of Crypto coins (the best known names are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin) quite a lot of jargon is used in the trade. The most beautiful word is moon.

But what does it all mean? Below is a list of common terms. Not all concepts are explained according to standard definition; this is because these definitions are mostly written in English and I use a free translation in which the meaning of the term is clearly clear.

This list will be supplemented over time. Do you know terms that are not yet listed here, then post a comment with your tip. In XTR gateĀ  trading platform blog you can have all the below mentioned information.


2-factor Authenticating, also called 2-Step verification. 2FA is used to log in to various parties. This means that you usually log in the usual way with a username (or e-mail address) and password, but an additional code must also be entered. You sometimes get this sent by SMS, but Google Authenticator is often used. This is an app on your smartphone that generates per site codes that are only valid for a short time.

The use of 2FA increases the security of your account enormously, making logging in by strangers almost impossible.


Synonym for an address of a wallet, such as the address to which you can transfer Bitcoins.


All Time High; this is called when a coin has not been worth so much before. The best example of course was the Bitcoin in the last months of 2017, you could call ATH almost daily.


Someone who has been holding his coins for too long and / or has bought them too expensive and the market is now collapsing. This person must then accept the consequences of being arrested for too long.