Kebab Shop Won’t Return My Ring, Not Really Sure Where To Go From Here

For Christmas I have an Oura ring. It’s costs like # 300, and a wearable tech very similar to a Fitbit that tracks your sleeping. So while not the most expensive item on earth, it is not immediately replaceable or something economical. It resembles a metal ring. On Saturday I got drunk was out with some buddies and ended up in a takeaway. Fiddled with the ring and drunkenly wound up dropping it on the face of the countertop, landing . The men working there were their backs to the counter at the time didn’t watch it. I informed them that I’d lost my ring and pointed into it, however they were skeptical it was mine.

I contended for a little with them, but made the mistake of telling them exactly what the ring has been. All of a sudden that the vibe shifted from doubtful, to merely stonewalling. I never got that ring back again. What do I do this? Tried last night going in again, have told to break off. At this point I really don’t think I am getting it back from somebody without intervention, although going to the police seems almost disproportionate. What’s the procedure for it? Just Appear in the station? Are there any options?

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