The Seven Trumpets of Revelation

The predictions of the “7 heralds” are discovered in Revelation phases eight, 9 and eleven. Revelation 8:2 -6 provides the intro preceding the details description of each individual trumpet. These trumpets become part of God’s judgments that He will certainly put out on this worthless world during earth’s last days. In Revelation 8:7, the initial trumpet brings hail storm and fire mingled with blood upon the planet to the level that one-third of planet’s trees are burned up, in addition to the yard. The referral to fire accompanying the hail storm most likely suggests prevalent and also severe lightning that ignites the fires that burn the planet’s trees and grass. These should be ferocious tornados that incorporate the majority of the globe, since one-third of the planet’s foliage is destroyed. The description of blood mingled with the hailstorm and fire might portray the loss of life triggered by the hailstorm, lightning and winds from this unbelievable international tornado. read more